Landscaping Services and Snow Removal

Landscaping services include: gardening, pruning, lawn care, and installations. We also provide Snow Removal in Nelson, BC.

Sample Landscaping and Snow Removal Services


Basic Maintenance
Lawn mowing, weeding, etc; 1 hour minimum
32-50 per hour or per quote

Tree Care/Pruning
Ensure optimum tree health; 1 hour minimum
35-45 per hour

Landscape installations; 1 hour minimum
35-45 per hour

Beach Cleaning
Our SANDMAN 850 beach cleaning machine does an incredible job! It removes rusty nails, weeds, rocks, cigarette butts and more! And leaves your beach soft and beautiful.

Eavestrough Cleaning
We'll get your gutters running like they should
50 per hour

Waste Removal
We do dump runs with our dump truck and long box pickup.


We have many options for Snow Removal in Nelson BC and area. Call for a quote, we also take call-ins at a per minute cost.

Snow Plow Trucks
 1/2 Ton w/straight blade: 2.25/m

 3/4 Ton w/9' straight blade: 2.8/m
 3/4 Ton diesel w/8' straight blade: 2.65/m
 1 Ton Diesel w/V-plow: 3/m
 ATV 800 with blade: 1.25/m
 Sand is priced at 40% of the plow cost or as quoted

Bobcat Loader w/bucket or plow
mobilization cost is $250 within Nelson, + $25 each 6 miles out. $100/h

Honda hs928 $55/h

Shovel Crew
Strong reliable team

Ice Melt
We use ice melt on walkways



We provide quality landscape maintenance and installations.

Landscape Maintenance
Make sure your property shines; 1 hour minimum
35-50 per hour

Tree Pruning
Ensure optimum tree health; 2 hour minimum
$35-45 per hour

Water Management
Irrigation installations, repairs, and maintenance
$60 per hour

Installations; 2 hour minimum
$35-50 per hour

Integrated Pest Control
Critter issues? No problem. 1 hour minimum
$60 per hour

Snow Removal
Plow trucks, snowblowers, and shovelers with strong backs
Call for a quote, we also do call-ins!